Social Media, Content Writing & Digital Marketing Strategies
(16 Modules) Rs. 25,200 16,551 All Inclusive

1. Social Media Optimiz.
Basic, Essentials & Advanced topics. Analytics & In-sights.
2.Facebook Marketing PPC
Creating Ads, Campaigns, Promotions, Re-marketing.
3. FB Engagement
FB Marketing & Engagement hooks, pitches & tools.
4.YouTube Marketing 
Video SEO, Video Editing, Creator Studio.
5.Creating Viral Content
The Psychology, Types & behavior of Viral Marketing.
6. Content Marketing
Distributing, Promoting & Marketing Content..etc.
7. WordPress Blogging
Writing for Blogs, Monetizing your blog, ORM.
8. LEAD Magnets
Digital Strategies, Compel & Convert Strategy.
Increase Click through Rate with Magnetic headlines.
10. Email Marketing
Templates, Tracking, Reporting & Converting.
Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research ..etc.
12. Twitter Marketing
Managing Ads, Hashtags, Trends, Integration.
13. Lead Generation
How To Create Your ‘Bribe’ Offer, ‘Scarcity’, Optimize.
14. Design Graphics
Learn to Create your own Graphic for Social Media.
15. Linkedin Ads
Campaign, Marketing Strategies & Slide Share.
16. List Building
How To Design Squeeze Page for Maximum Conversions.


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Content Writing Courses is a division of the Digital Marketing Training Institute, since the past 7 years we have been the pioneers in introducing a comprehensive training program in Digital Marketing, which has trained over 5304+ students in Digital Marketing.

Co-Founder of the Digital Marketing Training Institute & Softpro Computers , Poonam is an online marketing consultant, educator, speaker and an author. In order to further enhance her writing skills, she has done a course on psychology to bring a better understanding of customer responses and their behavior online.

In the past 24 years, she has launched a Web designing company and conducted workshops for Online marketing courses to small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs.

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